I wrote this last year, I was going to edit it but felt like it would take away from it’s essence. This is how I felt at the moment.


This hate within my soul is scratching at the walls of my chest, making my

skin fluster and my body vibrate, can he sense this within me when he

looks into my eyes? can he sense the madness that’s yearning to rip him

apart, I want to gain self control, I want to have the upper hand, I

want to smile and shrug off all this anger that’s eating at my brain.

Anger always seems to win out while I shout out “Stop it, why don’t you

just shut the fuck up already, I don’t care to listen to you ramble on

about absolutely nothing. Your nagging has gotten the best of me, I no

longer give 2 shits on what you say! what you do! just leave me alone

and fucking die!” merely nothing compared to what I could have said,

what I could have done. Evilness clouds my judgment giving me exciting

things to do when tempted enough to go against my morals. The smile

that’s managed to come across my face isn’t a smile of happiness or

love, my eyes sparkling like diamonds not because of tears that might

form. It is out of pure anger and rage! I want to destroy everything in

my path I want you to feel my heartache my pain, wishing a knot to

forms in your throat, I want you to gag on it, choke till air

no longer fills your lungs and while this is happening, hands out

stretched to me pleading for help struggling for your last breath, I

want to stand there motionless with that sparkle in my eye, head tilt

with a smile in place. CHOKE BITCH!



About nisykitty

I'm odd and eccentric. I'm weird yet cool, wait that all means the same right? I’m me!! I have a new found love, that I will never ever give up. It’s as fierce as Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Jeaniene Frost’s love scenes. I ♥ books! Throw in some sexy HOT steamy Vampires and I’m golden. Every day is a learning experience and I'm open to the unknown. I'm thoughtful and caring, and said to have an old soul. I have moments when I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but 99% of the time it works out. This site along with my Fan page proves that. If you ever have a thought that crosses your mind DO IT! You never know what the outcome will be. (Positive thoughts, I don't need ill publicity) lol I'm grateful for all my friends I've made and the ones to come. I know I'm not alone, which is an emotion that’s indescribable. Vampires RULE and Werewolfs (except Alcide) drool! I’m also the brains behind Vampires Anonymous fan/website. We ROCK!!! Join the party, Bloody Mary’s all around! Oh yeah, did I mention I'm open minded? v--v
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