Vlad III The Impaler

So I was doing some research about Vlad which was known as Vlad III Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476), he goes under other alias, such as Vlad Tepes (Impaler), Vlad Drakulya “Dracula”

He was known for being a mean son of a blank, historically known for resistance against the Ottoman Turks Empire, but more known for his punishments. I don’t want to get into all the blah blah blah, but the good stuff.

It so happens that his father (let’s call him Pops or Dracul) was head of the Order ‘Christian Order of the Dragon’ which in turn made Vlad proud of his father, naming himself Dracula –Son of him, that is in the order of the dragon. They were dedicated against the Turks and Hungary. They warred against them, to defend the empire of the cross.

The Turks invasion left them vulnerable to the attack of their Hungary enemies. In turn Pops made a deal with the head guy (Turks), sealing the deal with his 2 sons (Vlad and Radu), as a “my word is golden” tack, which my answer to that would be like talking to a child “no, no, no!” Tsk on his father’s behalf. Which was bogus to tell your people, “Look at what I did, in good faith to you, the people” (stupid) Using that, to save his own ass, if you ask me. Vlad was only 13 at the time, Radu younger, a trying time for children. What do you think?

So blah blah blah, Vlad grew hatred and felt betrayed by his own blood. He dedicated himself into learning the ways of the Turks, training, fighting and watching executions daily not to mention learning how to keep people in fear and in line. Vlad wanted war!

Radu on the other hand took his stay there in stride, learning the ways of the Turks, becoming a minion. He was more into becoming a prince and being waited on, then war and fighting. That set Vlad a blaze, seeing his brother as only a trader.

Sometime later his Pops was murdered, hit the bricks; they caught up to him and poop dead.

After 6 years of exile, Vlad had proven himself; the Turks leader put him in the helm of the army. Only to have Vlad go against him 3 years later taking the reins (serves them right) Vlad Dracula was almost 25 years old, when he started his infamous and blood thirsty damnation.

Vlad was known for staking the enemies with spikes, earning him his name the Impaler. Some say that he used to feast on the blood of his victims, trying to absorb the power of his enemy, but sadly no real evidence of it.

Could this have been the reason, as to how someone can become such a monster? Also, what would be your take on him being the first vampire?


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