Spike: Fallen

So, one of the reason I went to Comic Con was for James Marsters, which played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. When I see him I was siked!! I’m about to meet SPIKE!!! Freaking loved it when he said ‘Bloody Hell’!! I have my season 7 DVD and his very own DVD Spike Love is Hell and of course the Tee.

I look up and it says NO posed pictures. (see picture) Huh?! Whatever, he’s with maybe a manager, looking at me and all my stuff he says 40$ for a signing and 45$ for 8’ 11 sized photo w/ signature. I personally don’t like none of them and say I just want him to sign my stuff. He tells me 40$ each item. WHAT!?! I’m sorry huh? ‘Each item, 40$ apiece.’

I look back at Spike and then at the long line and say muck it. He looks at me and smiles “You made my day!” (Yeah, mucking right!) I think. “Spike, *smiling* can you say bloody hell for me?” he moves closer to me and says, trying to look as youthful as his picture “I’ll do better than that pet, Blood Hell” I was a believer until it hit me, 40 mucking dollars for this?! I walk to the Sherrilyn Kenyon line, the girl tells me you don’t look so happy after meeting Spike. I tell her what happened and she tells me wooaw. I tell her “When I become a vampire I’m gunning for him, ripping out his throat.” What a greedy sod!!

Who does this? He does, he’s probably hurting for the money. I couldn’t get that out of my mind, lesser actors and authors do it for free. They do this in favor of US the fan’s, they wouldn’t be here if it were not for US!! I can’t believe I bought all his stuff, if my Buffy soda came with a Spike soda I would have drank it (or poured it down the drain, if I didn’t like it) and threw out the bottle. The heck with SPIKE! *hissing*

End Result. Was it worth it?


About nisykitty

I'm odd and eccentric. I'm weird yet cool, wait that all means the same right? I’m me!! I have a new found love, that I will never ever give up. It’s as fierce as Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Jeaniene Frost’s love scenes. I ♥ books! Throw in some sexy HOT steamy Vampires and I’m golden. Every day is a learning experience and I'm open to the unknown. I'm thoughtful and caring, and said to have an old soul. I have moments when I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but 99% of the time it works out. This site along with my Fan page proves that. If you ever have a thought that crosses your mind DO IT! You never know what the outcome will be. (Positive thoughts, I don't need ill publicity) lol I'm grateful for all my friends I've made and the ones to come. I know I'm not alone, which is an emotion that’s indescribable. Vampires RULE and Werewolfs (except Alcide) drool! I’m also the brains behind Vampires Anonymous fan/website. We ROCK!!! Join the party, Bloody Mary’s all around! Oh yeah, did I mention I'm open minded? v--v
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