666 Sacrifice Road

Looking into the paper for a job I stumbled across this ad talking about a contest…

I closed the paper to look at the date; I could have sworn that it was today’s paper. Hmm, that’s weird it was todays paper. Who does a 1 day contest?

I go through the classifieds and find nothing that fits my occupational requirements. Job searching was so hard now a days, it’s been a month so far and my savings was dwindling. I needed to find something, anything even.

I go home dropping the paper on the computer desk. Realizing I was hungry I walked into the kitchen to fix myself a weak sandwich, with the last of the cold cuts. The life, I tell you. Sitting on the counter, deep in thought I wonder if the library was hiring, while I ate. Ten dollars an hour was nothing but something at the same time.

I glance at the kitchen table and see the newspaper I placed on the computer table here in the kitchen. Open no less. What the heck. To the contest once again.

I read it over again and thought what had I to lose. All I had to do is answer a silly question. Sitting down at my desk I fired up my computer. Reminding me that my Norton was due this Friday, as well as my cable bill, when it rains it pours.

Let’s see…

What would you do, if you were locked in a mansion with several of the undead?

This was so silly!!..

If I were to be in a mansion locked no less with the undead, I would hope that they were the friendly undead. If I could pick, I would say sexy, smart, fierce, rough and lustful vampires. (If I had an option) We would play tic tac toe and spin the bottle. lol

I signed on to my AOL account and copy pasted my little answer. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, I never win anything. What was that email address again… feastofblood@drac.com what kind of email is this? Whatever, I pressed send and got up to get something to drink. “You have mail” I look back at the computer. No way, did they get back to me this soon; it must have been like 5 seconds that passed.


I opened the email…

How random was that, no personal effects? But what would I wear that whole time? This was so bogus. I didn’t have anything else to do and dawn was only an hour away which was about the same time to get to the address by cab. Might as well get a look at this place, with a quick laugh, look at me I’m the fool that entered a contest and got punked in the process.

666 Sacrifice Road was located down town where all the private houses were miles apart.

I pulled out my phone… “666 Sacrifice Road please, thanks”

I was thinking of all the good and bad possibilities that could occur, asking the cab service man to wait 5 minutes after I got out, just in case I needed to run and hide from embracement.

Once there, I was impressed, it was beautiful. Never in my life have a seen such a house. 3 stories tall, lush greenery surrounding it. Damn, but there were no lights on, shit I was running somewhat late maybe 10 minutes or so. I hope they didn’t leave. I slowly walked up the steps, looking at the front door.

I turned back to see the cab still there. Here goes nothing, I whispered. Lifting my hand to pull on the nob.

“Mistress, if you may, follow me. They patiently await.” the door swung open without me touching it. How the hell, did he know I was here? I was stuck on stupid, glancing inside. The house seemed even bigger. “Mistress Nicole…” giving me the “today look” I stumbled and walked behind him. How did he know my name?

He led me into this huge library, which appear to have held every romantic vampire book known to man. I didn’t even bother to look back and thank him; I was so overwhelmed by the collection. I was getting overly excited when I spied the Jeaniene Frost collection bending over to get a good look of all 12 books, when I heard appraising grunts and growls.

“Mistress, let us introduce ourselves shall we…” Standing up slowly turning around. I was in shock, with my mouth wide open, 10 gorgeous men stood before me. Some with leather, some in fitted jeans, they all had their own personalities. That matched them well with their clothing. All smirking at me with wicked intent.

“I am Jace*smiling*…Michael…Thierry…Damon*smirking*…Spade…Fang…Rhage *winking* Bones *bowing*Alcide *grinning* They saved the best for last sweet heart… I am Clark *reaching out to kiss my hand*” All of them smiled, showing me their white too perfect teeth. Did I mention they all had fangs!

I hope that cabbie left. Grinning “Thanks you, to all that’s unholy” I whispered.




About nisykitty

I'm odd and eccentric. I'm weird yet cool, wait that all means the same right? I’m me!! I have a new found love, that I will never ever give up. It’s as fierce as Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Jeaniene Frost’s love scenes. I ♥ books! Throw in some sexy HOT steamy Vampires and I’m golden. Every day is a learning experience and I'm open to the unknown. I'm thoughtful and caring, and said to have an old soul. I have moments when I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but 99% of the time it works out. This site along with my Fan page proves that. If you ever have a thought that crosses your mind DO IT! You never know what the outcome will be. (Positive thoughts, I don't need ill publicity) lol I'm grateful for all my friends I've made and the ones to come. I know I'm not alone, which is an emotion that’s indescribable. Vampires RULE and Werewolfs (except Alcide) drool! I’m also the brains behind Vampires Anonymous fan/website. We ROCK!!! Join the party, Bloody Mary’s all around! Oh yeah, did I mention I'm open minded? v--v
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