Joann I. Martin Sowles Interview: The Brookehaven Vampires- Laney

I had the honor of interviewing Joann I. Martin Sowles, author of The Brookehaven Vampires- Laney. I know she’s hella busy with writing and editing Darkness,(2nd installment of The Brookehaven Vampires) but she replied back and this is why she is among the golden authors in my book. She is sprouting wings and taking flight. I’m so glad I can take this ride with her.

Oliver baby! Who loves you?! Nisy does! hehe

Joann, will be giving away 1 autographed copy of Laney!! Add a comment to this post to win.

Contest ends on Olivers birthday, March 14th

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If you want a jump start on reading it, you can always umm…buy it here! vv

1. When did you first realize that you wanted to write a book? Did something trigger it? Or have you always known?

I was having a major vampire addiction and Laney’s story just sort of came to me. Eventually I was able to curb my obsession and turn it into something productive, which resulted in Laney – The Brookehaven Vampires. Had you told me 10 years ago that I’d be writing novels, I would’ve thought you were insane and probably would’ve fell on the floor laughing. I didn’t even like to read until my late 20’s, so being a writer was never a thought. I love writing though, and I’m glad it came to me.

2. Did you know firsthand, that it was going to be about Vampires, also known as the sexy undead?

Oh yeah. I wrote Laney to fill my vampire addiction – to turn it into something productive and get her and Oliver (who was originally known as “Good Him.” Real creative, huh?) out of my head.

3. Which brings me to this question, why sexy, smart, caring and affectionate? Why not ugly and angry, the ‘I’m unemotional’ blood drinker, I kill you now empty sort? (I like your sexy, smart Challenger driving Oliver. Sweeeet!) Hmm?

Laney’s a love story and I don’t think it would’ve gone over so well with her falling for “Grotesque Him?” The sexy vamps have that hint of danger we crave that makes us feel alive. 😉

4. What I liked the most about the book was how it made me feel, it brought back all those teenage emotions that made me want to relive them. Jump in my imaginary time machine and find my Oliver. Did anyone or anything inspire your characters?

No, I don’t think anyone or anything specific inspired my characters. There are pieces of myself and others I’ve come across or known thrown in there (some more than others). But not based on anyone in particular.

5. Oliver has this real deep deep-rooted love for Laney, every day that passes by, his scent heightens. I know that he’s bonding with her, but to complete this they would have to have special time (whoo hoo) or intake of blood. (Yummy) Could this whole smelling super good started because they are destined to be soul-mates? Or could this happen with anyone?

I’d say it’s strong possibility that they are destined for one another. “Special time” is the only way to complete the type of bonding Oliver’s going through. Bonding only takes place once in vampires life with, who you could call, their soul mate.

Blood Bonding comes from being bitten by a vampire. It bonds the human to that vampire, not the other way. The bond can range from a weak yearning for that vampire (or even just dreams of them) or a severe need for that vampire. Just depends on the severity of the Blood Bond.


6. I know Darkness is the next installment of The Brookehaven Vampires. What are we getting ourselves into? Action, fighting, deeper relationships, maybe some bonding with special time? Heheh.

Darkness picks up where Laney left off. We get to know some of the other characters a little better, relationships will be tested, secrets will be revealed and lives will be lost. Darkness will be released this summer.


Thanks Nisy! This has been a Hoot! 😉

I invite all of you to visit my website and read the first 3 chapters of Laney. Enjoy! ~Joann I. Martin Sowles <~ AWESOME!


The Brookehaven Vampires- Laney

The Brookehaven Vampires- Darkness



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  1. nisykitty says:

    And the winner to The Brookehaven Vampires: Laney is..*drum roll* …Minazenteno!!!! Please email me your info at CONGRATS!!! v–v


    Must admit I am quite new to Vampire books – apart from the older stuff. So it would be great to try and hopefully love something new. 🙂

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