I slowly sit upright in bed
Numb to the bone
I can’t help but feel like a winner
In a losing battle
Phone in hand
Fingers at my own mercy
I write, I hope and dream for a better day
Hopeful dreamer they call me
I sit here in bed
Subtle breaths of life I hear
Not of my own
But of a heart that can’t beat alongside mines
Too relaxed and worry free
One day, I wish to be
I slouch here in bed
Daydreaming of better days to come
To rise and fall alongside a heart that beats in the same rhythm as mine
I stare out into the darkness in bed
All I see are lights flashing
Can’t see beyond these lights
Should I stay in the dark?
Or walk into the flashing lights?
I reach out in bed
Slowly pulling my hand back
No one’s there
There’s no one there
Rising and falling of breaths
Not of my own
Ignorant and gone to the world
Where I wish to be
As I sit here in bed.

About nisykitty

I'm odd and eccentric. I'm weird yet cool, wait that all means the same right? I’m me!! I have a new found love, that I will never ever give up. It’s as fierce as Larissa Ione, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole and Jeaniene Frost’s love scenes. I ♥ books! Throw in some sexy HOT steamy Vampires and I’m golden. Every day is a learning experience and I'm open to the unknown. I'm thoughtful and caring, and said to have an old soul. I have moments when I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but 99% of the time it works out. This site along with my Fan page proves that. If you ever have a thought that crosses your mind DO IT! You never know what the outcome will be. (Positive thoughts, I don't need ill publicity) lol I'm grateful for all my friends I've made and the ones to come. I know I'm not alone, which is an emotion that’s indescribable. Vampires RULE and Werewolfs (except Alcide) drool! I’m also the brains behind Vampires Anonymous fan/website. We ROCK!!! Join the party, Bloody Mary’s all around! Oh yeah, did I mention I'm open minded? v--v
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